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Welcome to the website for Voyager Radio. All pages are responsive and therefore should be viewable on all devices and browsers. Have a good look around. View the site in Landscape (Wide) orientation where possible for the best experience, although Portrait (Narrow) will work on smaller devices. The top Navigation Menu stays in view wherever you are on a page. On smaller screens, it appears as an “Accordion” menu button. You may also find on smaller screens that some of the Sidebar links will appear at the bottom of the page rather than on the right. Throughout the site, some text-based links will appear in Red text and open pages or External Sites.

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You can listen to the Station while you are browsing the website by clicking on the “Listen Live” image in the right Sidebar which opens the Pop-Up player. The pop-up player tab can then be left open while you browse the website (Works on all devices).

The Pop-up Player page will open in a new tab or window on most devices. Then click the Play button on the top left of the Player page to listen. On computers, the red coloured bar on the player acts as a volume control.
Please note: Please turn off any pop-up blockers or whitelist our website if the pop-up player won’t open.

Why not join our Chatroom? Click the “Get Interactive” image in the top right Sidebar. The Chatroom will open in a separate tab. You can log in as a User or Guest account. User accounts have more privileges than Guest accounts. Please join us when a “Live” DJ is on air and have a chat! We don’t bite and the DJs and other listeners would love to have a chat with you. You can also request your favourite tunes from the on-air DJ in the chatroom using the “Private Chat” option.

Not a fan of Chatrooms? No problem! If you use Facebook Messenger you can contact any of the DJs via their Facebook Profile page links on the “Meet the Team” page and individual DJs’ Profile pages.

We’re funded and managed purely by Volunteers.

If you enjoy what you hear please consider a donation
no matter how small by using the Donate button below.

If you tick the boxes “I’d like to add to my donation to help offset the cost of processing fees” (A figure will be shown once the donation amount is selected or typed in) and/or “Make this a monthly donation” this helps us even more.

Every donation goes purely towards the running costs of the Station.
Thank you very much.

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