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Mick's Music Machine and Sport Reports

Hosted by: DJ Mick
From: Studio 4
Location: Stainforth in South Yorkshire

Greetings pop pickers I'm DJ Mick, Engineer for one of the big 6 energy companies.

Former 70s / 80s mobile DJ. I have been a local Community Radio presenter since 2009. Music taste is so varied I just enjoy good music. Like to seek out that gem you may have not heard.

Love my sport and a big Footie fan. I also have a collection of wacky reading specs.

On-Air Schedule: Saturday 12pm - 5pm UK Time.
Subject to his home/work commitments. Always check our Facebook Group for confirmation.

Don't forget to jump into Mick’s Music Machine and Sports Report every Saturday.

Let's Rock !!!! Not Arf !!!!!