Your Requests and Dedications

When a DJ is "live" on air, you may request a song or dedication using the form below or by using the "Private Chat" option in the Chatroom.

Please note the following policy regarding requests:

  • We will endeavour to play your request whenever possible, but we cannot always accomodate a specific time or date.

  • A request sent is not a guarantee that it will be played. We reserve the right to substitute an alternative song if the requested one is unavailable, deemed to not be within our guidelines or otherwise unsuitable for broadcast.

  • Some DJs work to carefully prepared playlists and may schedule your request to a time in their show where it better fits with the the songs to be played at that time. All DJs reserve the right to not play the request at all, should they be doing a special show, featuring a specific profile or genre which the request doesn't fit into.

  • If you wish to have a request to be played on a specific date or time (such as a birthday or anniversary), please check the schedules to see that a live DJ is on at that time. Using the Request Form below only (not the Private Chat), you may submit a request in advance, to be played on a specific DJ's show for an event that has taken place prior to or in advance of the show's broadcast date. Please submit the request as early as possible but no more than 7 to 10 days before you wish it to be aired. Also note that all our "live" shows are broadcast by volunteers, who at times have other committments and a schedule listing does not guarantee that a show will air. Always check the Facebook Group for any last minute changes to the schedule.

Request Form

Enter your request and any message in the boxes below and click Submit to email the current On-Air DJ. Please add any specific occassion, date or time for your request to the "Message" section.