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Cead Mile Failte! Greetings from Dublin Ireland. In 2020 I was invited to present my first ever live show on Voyager Radio from my studio in Dublin and to say I loved every minute of it, is an understatement! My full-time job is that of a personal trainer, nutritionist and online live spinning class presenter.

When I was a teen, a world of no wires was the dream. My parents were sure the house would catch fire! Now, I enjoy listening to music through Alexa and Google speakers while still managing to trip up on wires as I head down the stairs!.

Join me for my Essentially ’80s show on Saturdays from 6pm.

I broadcast from Studio 9 in Dublin, Ireland.

My two small dogs wake me up at 8am sharp. Dog walks, piano practice, weight training and jogging in my own personal training studio fill my day. All this while planning and presenting “Essentially ’80s” on Voyager Radio every Saturday from 6pm.

  • All-Time Favourite Music Artist: Pet Shop Erasure!
  • All-Time Favourite Song: West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys
    It still makes the hair on the back of my neck standup
  • All-Time Favourite Movie: Any of the “Carry On” collection

My Random Gallery:

Favourite Quote: “Would you mind not standing on my tongue!”

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