DJ Elementary’s Music Schoolbook

Join Larry – DJ Elementary for some Home Schooling in the art of playing the best in music from both sides of the pond! Larry will teach you what is good and not so good in music so you can make better choices in later life!

Angela’s American Alamanac

DJ Angela the Nightbird brings us the best in US and UK tunes, anecdotes, chat and more on her fun-filled show!! Occasionally she may be joined by her son Canon, known as DJ Mushy Peas on-air.

Mick Finley’s Music Machine

Jump into Mick’s Music Machine for New and Old music, Real or Fake News, the Chart Review at 12 where he features a different year’s chart rundown each week and at 1 Sports Updates and the Cracker Hour round off the show.

The Doug Barr Big Breakfast Show

“The Big Breakfast Show” from 8am on weekends will take you from your bed and get you ready for the day. It will begin with some easy listening and as we go through by the end we will all be playing our air guitars!

The Rock Show

Join DJ Di, the Dragon Lady to her friends, every Sunday from 6pm for 2 hours of the best Rock music on the planet! Her favourite band is Firehouse, but you’ll hear all sorts of Rock on the show.

Tango Unchained

Expect the unexpected whenever DJ Tango is on-air. His shows are full of fun, chat and great music. He’ll play any Genre but is a particular fan of the 1980s music scene. You’ll have to be up early on Saturdays to catch his shows, as the wife has him doing all the household chores the rest of the time!

The Sunday Shuffle

Join Chris for his own show “The Sunday Shuffle” on, yes you’ve guessed it, Sunday! Known as “The Cheesemeister” on-air, for his love of really cheesy songs you wish you could forget, join him every Sunday for fun, frivolity and an eclectic mix of diverse music. Occasionally he’ll play an “Obscure Oddity” that annoying song you love to hate and sometimes there’s a “Bits and Pieces” quiz too.

24/7 Tunes

Dave “Double Decks” our Auto DJ is playing the music as there are no Live Shows at this time.